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Monday, October 31, 2011

Key issues in the General Election of 2011 - Number 3

I have visited Smalldeadanimals, a blog by a constituent named Kate, for many years now. There is a post there today which is about the "Animal rights contagion [which] is spreading to even small town humane societies". In the comment thread there is a comment by "Mark Matis" containing links to essays which I read and which prompted me to post a response (shown below) on SDA, as it is on topic, that being the "lawful authorities" are out of control:

Thanks for the link, it was a chilling read. It contains another link with an essay that is even more chilling. There is also a link in the comments, by Arctic Patriot (The citizenry should do some soul searching as well), which I urge readers to follow and read, as it contains relevant quotes by A. Solzhenitsyn which do apply directly to our province though all are written for consumption in the USA.
 Many years ago, into what was later to become Saskatchewan, an army unit known as the Northwest Mounted Police was sent out to pacify the Territories and they are still here as the RCMP.
Our party is calling for the removal of the RCMP from Saskatchewan and the creation of a Provincial Police Force, to both remove the "lawful authorities" ability to issue orders (which must and will be obeyed by members of the RCMP) from afar, and more importantly to re-establish the trust of the citizenry in their police, that those LEO's are indeed not above the law and will defend them from tyrannical edicts of all kinds.
These 3 articles make the case for expelling the RCMP from Saskatchewan far better than I could and I urge people to at the very least read them and to be determined to have the discussion.
Like most people and, I daresay, the vast majority of citizens in Saskatchewan, I want to live my life under the Rule of Law, not the law of the jungle, but I fully expect the RCMP to obey the orders issued to them from outside Saskatchewan, no matter how contrary to the principles of freedom and liberty those orders may be. Don't believe me? Try dodging one of the most egregious violations of the principle of being free from unreasonable search and seizure, a checkstop. How do you expect that will turn out for you? Were you foolish enough to admit to the authorities you own a gun? Then you may be charged with an offence if you do not assist the "lawful authorities" as they violate the privacy of your home.
Tyranny does not always arrive in jackboots, but can and does show up well spoken and nicely dressed but no less dangerous, as their well-intentioned(!) edicts are ultimately backed up by men with guns.
Dana Arnason
We need to have the discussion, and to resolve to do what is necessary to regain the confidence of the citizens in a law enforcement community that serves the citizenry in a just and lawful manner, with the consent of those citizens. The alternative leads inevitably to tryanny followed closely by anarchy.

I want to live under the Rule of Law as (I believe) do most people. I want to have confidence in the police, that they are doing a most difficult job in compliance within the letter of the law and in the spirit of the law, while respecting the Rights of Individuals guaranteed by centuries of common law. This will not be possible so long as the occupying force from the east is allowed to remain.

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