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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few months ago, a documentary crew from Les productions de la ruelle, a award winning production company based in Quebec, came out to Saskatchewan to film for their production titled: THE DISUNITED STATES OF CANADA (from their website)"...The documentary is following the Canada new separatist and presents conflicts between provinces in an old fashion family dispute way." Guylaine Maroist and √Čric Ruel spent a few days here in our province filming us and conducting interviews. They are now planning on returning to Saskatchewan towards the end of the campaign, looking to capture some "action" for their documentary. This would be shots of me on the campaign trail, knocking on doors etc.
I'm used to being on the other (their) side of the lens, but it's certainly not the first time I have appeared in productions, so I'm looking forward to their visit.

Update: Unfortunately, the documentarians let me know on November 3rd that they were unable to arrange a trip to our province. C'est la vie.

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