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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time for change


I'm Dana. I became the leader of the Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan on April 30th, 2011, after driving into a near blizzard in Yorkton to meet at our parties AGM.

I joined the party in 2006 and supported the parties noble cause by assuming responsibility for our online presence and as press liason. I joined the Board of Directors and served there until I took the job of Leader.

This blog was set up years ago but never used. I am going to blog here as much as I can, to share what I believe with anyone that cares to read my words.

If you are now reading this, I thank you for your time.

I encourage you to join me in putting our province first, to lift us into being the very best place on earth to live. We have it very good here in Saskatchewan and what would make it even better is to become the owners of our destiny, free from the past mistakes of empire and confident that we can be a vivid example of how very good life can be.

Dana Arnason
WI Party of Saskatchewan

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